name: toki
pronouns: he/him
age: 19↓
location: portland, oregon
languages: english, 中文, japanese
other info: east asian (ABC)
jpsif 983976102
deresute 868723964
banyaro 987655149200
LINE ask, please!
i'm toki, but you can also call me kani! i'm a translator and crustacean supporter; i hope we can be friends!

what you can expect

  • lots of (mostly enstars) translations, most off the cuff
  • i'll correct myself if you point out i've been saying something that's not okay.
  • i'll do my best to tag anything my mutuals have listed on their abouts
  • selective follow back; i might unfollow after a brief period if we're not mutuals
  • i'm okay with 19↑ follows!
  • FUB & mute & softblock = OK
  • i try to avoid participating in discourse or being overtly negative, about ships or fandom stuff in general. if you catch me being cranky or mean in public, feel free to softblock, mute, or take me aside and let me know so i can move it to another account--i won't mind!
  • i'm perfectly fine with you pointing out errors in my translations; i translate to learn, so it's much appreciated!

additional info

  1. infp & chaotic neutral
  2. Enstars and Banyaro Are My Life

i'll add a masterlist to my translations here... when i get around to making it...

current projects
1. ray character scenarios 3/10 chapters
2. scout! pajama 3/8 chapters
3. revival festival☆easter night 9/14 chapters
4. souma's scout with a story mitsuru, koga, arashi chapters
5. n/a
favorite characters